Life After Relapse How to Bounce Back and Start Over

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Attending or resuming attending meetings of some form of mutual support group can be extremely valuable immediately after a lapse or relapse. Discussing the relapse can yield valuable advice on how to continue recovery without succumbing to the counterproductive feelings of shame or self-pity.


The reality is it will take months, if not years, to feel as if you’re in total control of your addiction. It’s completely understandable to be upset with yourself for relapsing, but it’s important to avoid the shame cycle by looking at your relapse from a different perspective.

Tips to Strengthen Recovery After a Relapse

Sleep deprivation undermines what to do after a relapse in indirect ways as well. And it robs people of the energy needed to rebuild their life.

Relapse in addiction is of particular concern because it poses the risk of overdose if someone uses as much of the substance as they did before quitting. The first thing you should do after relapse is determine whether you need drug or alcohol addiction treatment again. Sometimes a relapse is more serious than having one more drink.

What is a Relapse & What to Do After Relapsing

Having a better of what causes relapse will make it easier to prevent it and treat it if it does occur. A lack of adequate planning when transitioning from the treatment facility to home — When you transition from treatment to home, you need extra support during this time. This may include attending meetings and support groups more frequently or working one on one with an aftercare specialist. While a relapse is serious and likely disappointing, a setback isn’t insurmountable. When compared to other chronic illnesses like type 2 diabetes, asthma, and hypertension, addiction relapse rates are similar. A relapse doesn’t make you a failure, but it does mean you need to pick yourself back up and reconsider your strategies for living a sober life. In order to understand how to prevent relapse, it is essential to first understand the relapse process itself.

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